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The edge of the nose skin needed to be trimmed back, and after a half hour I was getting increasingly frustrated with the wavy results. I had similar problems getting straight and smooth cuts on the rudder nose skin using snips at the Zenith factory, and the guys there assured me it wasn’t just bad technique - it’s an inevitable result of using snips. I remembered a thread I had read online previously about a miracle cure, so I thought I’d give it a try.


I picked up this California Air Tools (10020C) “ultra quiet” compressor earlier this summer, and absolutely love it! The name isn’t an exaggeration; it is the quietest compressor I have ever heard. Given that I am working in a spare bedroom upstairs, that’s fairly important. I’m already thinking of adding another tank to it though, but that’s something for another day. Unfortunately today after I charged it up, I found the regulator would start leaking if the regulated pressure was slightly below the tank pressure.


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Mark A. Stratman

Mark (& Cara) are building a Zenith CH 750 STOL aircraft, and this site shows the progress and acts as a builder’s log for the FAA airworthiness certificate.

Feel free to contact Mark at [email protected] or visit stratman.pw.

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