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The hinge pin and tip rib have been matched up and drilled out now. I widened the inner-most hole to make room for the weld, so the parts sit flush together. Here you can see the weld on the elevator hinge pin coming through the tip rib I also got the elevator rear channel placed and drilled out, and all of the ribs drilled with pilot holes.


Here’s the elevator skeleton and skins cleco’ed together. I positioned the tips and clamped them, drilled and attached. I measured out, lined up, drilled, and used this bent strip to attach the tip rib to the spar. I drilled out a hole for a grommet on one of the nose ribs. A wire for the trim servo will go through here.


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Mark (& Cara) are building a Zenith CH 750 STOL aircraft, and this site shows the progress and acts as a builder’s log for the FAA airworthiness certificate.

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