Mark and Cara's Zenith CH 750 STOL

The bottom of the inboard pilot side is done and riveted the top is drilled and ready to be deburred, primed, and riveted the bottom of the outboard pilot side is drilled out, and ready to be deburred, primed, and riveted. I’ve been using the hand riveter since the pneumatic/hydraulic one is leaving paper thin gaps between the rivet and the surface of the skin. I’ve contacted Zenith to see if they’ll make and sell me a new A4 head, to see if that gets it back to normal.


Ribs factory

Tonight I built the rest of the ribs for the remaining 3 halves of the slats. I also finished drilling the doubler for the outboard side of the passenger slat.


Since the slats are assembled in halves, and both halves are short enough that I don’t need the tables end-to-end, I rearranged the workshop to a better layout. Previously the workbenches were stretched across the room diagonally (the only way it will fit end-to-end), and it made it difficult to navigate. This is unfortunately some of the worst dimpling I’ve experienced, so I’ve posted onto the Zenith forum to see if others think it’s worth going back and trying again, or if there are ideas to get a tighter fit on other slats sections.


I started the inboard section of the passenger side slat. This is the first of 4 sections, all very similar. Corner doubler positioned, drilled, prepped, and primed Bottom and back of ribs drilled, prepped, and primed Flange created for the ribs with the slat support Riveted the rib + slat support + flange for each side Everything on the lower and back of slat deburred, prepped, primed, and ready for assembly


Elevator Done!

Riveted the elevator together: Trimmed the L angle connecting the upper and lower horns:   I adjusted and attached the servo to the trim tab, as well as used a 9V battery to test its movement up and down. The rod and assembly can safely clear the hole, and nothing catches or drags. I mounted the servo motor, double checked everything, and the elevator is done!


I tapped the hinge pin out an inch or so and trimmed it about a half inch shorter, then put it back and put holes on both ends of the barrel to put safety wire through it. The twisted safety wire on both ends of the hinge will ensure it doesn’t come apart. I riveted together the skeleton, then clecoed the skins onto it on both sides, and clecoed the horn assembly.


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Mark A. Stratman

Mark (& Cara) are building a Zenith CH 750 STOL aircraft, and this site shows the progress and acts as a builder’s log for the FAA airworthiness certificate.

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